Restaurant Marketing – A Great Week

Well last week was a bit of a whirlwind for us.

Monday’s seminar at OTTO was incredibly successful, around 70 people attended across the day and many people decided to come on board with us.

It was great to be presenting with John Fink who shared some great insights into what goes on behind the scenes at Quay and OTTO. I was making mental notes about The Fink Group of having a strategy for OTTO that involves many steps stretching out two years…. and that what he values most from us is that he can trust us to follow through on the steps we have agreed upon.

I was incredibly happy to see so many Great Restaurateurs attend the seminar, several “hatted” restaurants were represented. I was delighted when Pauline Nguyen from Red Lantern became a client on Wednesday after seeing the presentation.

On Thursday I gave Pete Evans a copy of my book More Bums On Seats and was inspired by his message about changing the way the world thinks about food, farming and restaurants. Pete is an entrepreneur as much as a chef and he I believe he is destined to be a major name on the world scene in regards to the Healthy Food “Revolution”.

I was asked to help promote Tara Winkler’s Cambodian Children’s Trust Benefit Concert starring Jimmy Barnes. That is in hand with help from Craig Macindoe of Mumu Grill and John Fink’s OTTO for more details on the concert click here

Finally I was asked to help judge a Restaurant Award (more on this later). Sooo quite a busy week!