Restaurant Marketing and Engagement

Last week I wrote about engagement in your marketing and the more I look at what's working right now the more I see engagement.  Last week I wrote about the large company reaching out to sell through JVs rather than retail.  This week I want to continue the theme of engagement but bring it back to our industry.

I have worked in and around Surry Hills in Sydney for the last few years so I have seen the boom and bust in that area and Ive also watched as others quietly go about their business making things work with no razzmatazz from the foodie media.

Over the last year The Grounds has sprung up in Alexandria, near by Surry Hills and it is making quite a stir.  They have really worked on engaging their audience in what they do (beyond selling seats at the table) and alongside that have managed to use all 4 ways to grow a business that we teach (By the way they aren't one of our clients).

Last weekend they ran an Easter Extravaganza and celebrated the First Birthday (of the business) which was an absolute blueprint on how to engage with your audience.  If you are in the area do yourself a favour and check it out, if not go to their Website and Facebook page there is so much to learn from these guys about marketing.

I am going to upload a video related to this very soon so make sure that you look out for that.