Restaurant Marketing Results

Below is an interview with Ken Taylor who had started using Restaurant Profits Marketing Six Months previously.

Case Study with Ken Taylor of The Living Room Restaurant.

Ken remarks, "I cannot believe it has been so effective so quickly!" In the video we discuss a birthday promotion that makes $36,420 for a spend of $972 and a menu launch email that eventually brought in 1,148 diners and a spend of $62, 518.00.

Ken's restaurant is in a tiny village that has 22 other hospitality businesses. His restaurant used to be the go to restaurant but as the competition grew his numbers dwindled. We knew that our marketing would remind his lapsed clients why they loved his restaurant previously and that we could make them offers that would entice them back to dine with him.

His birthday promotion is getting a massive 50% redemption rate. Most marketing struggles to get out of single digits but Ken's Birthdays are so popular that they are an immediate draw card for his locals and they come in with tables of 4s, 6s, 8s and 10s. No wonder he is getting such a wonderful response - so far in 6 months his marketing spend has been $972 to get a $36,420.00 result!

Ken is not alone. These figures and kinds of results are normal for our clients.

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