Restaurant Profit Marketing Tip 54- Partnering with Local Gyms


This video tip is about partnering with gyms. But before we begin with that, we need to back up and talk about why would you want to partner with anyone.

Well, this is a strategy that's going to bring lots of new people into your business and everybody wants new business. There's only four ways you can actually grow your business.

  • Number one is bringing in New Business.
  • Number two is bringing a Repeat Business.
  • Number three is Increasing The Amount Of Money That People Spend once they're with you.
  • And number four is Increasing Your Prices.

This one is how to increase New Business or new customers coming into your restaurant.

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Why would you partner with a gym? Well, the truth of the matter is you should be looking to partner with any local business in your area that has the same sort of customers coming to them that you want coming to you. They are looking for the same kind of demographic, whether that's young, old, male, female, so on and so forth.

You need to look at what your restaurant stands for in terms of who your clients are. Is it going to be for somebody who's aged in their late teens or early 20s? Is It somebody who's going to be in their 20s, 30s, and 40s? Or is it going to be people that are old or even seniors.

So you need to look at who your demographic is, who you serve, and who really likes coming to you. And then look around and see the businesses that are going to suit you. The other thing you need to look for is people that have regular customers that value them like hairdressers -- people love the hairdressers. And if you can possibly find people with a database.

So If you can find a business like this that has a lot of respect and care from their client group and they have a database, then that's a great place to start because you can get them to market outbound to their customers on your behalf.  If they don't have a database, you will have to wait until those customers go into their business, whether it's a car dealership or something like that. If they're not doing outbound marketing, you're going to have to wait until those people (their customers) go in.

So a business that covers all of that is a gym.  Because it covers all of that, well, people basically from 16 to 80 go into gyms and there's obviously big groups of each demographic go in. Take me, I’m over 50 and I do go to the gym, I actually to get to meet lots of people in there that are my age group which is probably from 50 to 60, and those people are going in there.

Now, that's not to say that you've got to go after 50 to 60 because there's lots of young people that go there. There's lots of moms that go there after dropping off the kids, so it covers the whole range of demographics. From your point of view a gym is a good place to go because it's definitely got your demographic.

The other thing is that they've got a database so they can do outbound marketing on your behalf if they want to. Now you can go to the franchise gyms like Fitness First and 24/7 gyms and so on, or you can go to the small independents or even the personal training style gyms and cross fit and so on. It really doesn't matter. The ones that are more independent are more likely to be able to market on your behalf.

If you're going to go to somebody like Fitness First, then you're going to find that they won't do outbound marketing because everything's got to go through the franchise or the head office rather than just through a smaller gym. So just bear that in mind. But if you want them to do outbound marketing, the independents the way to go.

Again, why would you want to partner with them? Why would they want to partner with you? Well, you want to partner with them because they have got your customers. They can reach out to your customers and they can direct them in your way. You want those new customers through the door so that you can show them how wonderful you are and get them on your database. Then, get inviting them back and turning them into repeat business.

Why would they want to partner with you?

Well, you've got something that they want and what they want is - that they want their customers to stay loyal to them. They want their customers to renew at the end of their contract which a lot of people don't. A lot of people sign up for gyms particularly around January, February, or even December time when everybody wants to look great for the summer in Australia, look great for the new year, or start with their new year's resolutions and so on. There are lots of sign ups but basically people drop off the end of the cliff very soon after starting because they can't keep up.

The gyms are really looking for ways to keep people engaged and get them to renew their membership. Now what you can offer is something that induce people to do that. It could be that when new people sign up, they get a voucher for your place. It could be that every three months they get a voucher for your place.

Now, the gym might just not want to pay you for that. So you might be giving away a $25 voucher to these people for this. It could be that the gym goes half with you which will cover your food costs anyway, or they could even pay you for the voucher.

Anyway, you can do a deal where you give vouchers out from people who sign up - straight away they get a voucher. People who sign up and stay enrolled beyond the quarter gets a voucher every quarter. You can do the birthday club which lots of our clients do. So the gym sends out a voucher on somebody’s birthday saying:

"Hey, we've bought you a birthday meal at the restaurant.".

If you're already doing our birthday club, you know about that one. And this is how you get your message (and invite to dine) out to a big database - thousands of people to come in with the birthday vouchers over the year which is fantastic!

You can do lots of things like that. That's really going to help them. They're really going to like the idea of having your services, your products to give away to keep people engaged with them and to cause them to want to re-sign up there as opposed to quitting or going to the competition.

You're doing that for them. As I said what they're doing for you is they're marketing you out to a market without you having to spend a lot of money on advertising. You're actually only spending any money when those people come in.

As I said, the food costs 30% of $25 gift vouchers, -- about $8. So it cost you $8 to get somebody through the door. You should make money on that first visit but also get them into the database, so they come back again. It is great for such a small spend on that marketing cost.

For those of you who've done joint ventures before through working with me or through watching my strategies, you'll know that the hairdressers, the car yards, chiropractors, accountants, solicitors, stockbrokers -- and all will do this for you in lots of different ways.

But the thing about the gym is they're needy. They need this sort of stuff to keep people engaged with them and also, they used their whole demographic that will cover you guys. And also, they have that possibility to do outbound marketing because they've got everybody's email as well.

Now, there are secrets to doing joint ventures. If you've not seen a video tip on that and you want to know how to do it perfectly so that it works, you can actually click on the button below booking for a chat with me -- 15-minute chat. I'll go through that with you.

Just let me know as soon as we talk in that you really want to talk about joint ventures and how to make them work. I'll give you those details.

I look forward to speaking to you soon. Good luck with partnering with the gyms!