Sales Incentives for Staff


People often ask me about how to get staff to do a great job or how to incentivise staff without having to increase wages (which is great when it first happens but the effect soon wears off). One such way, that won’t cost you much at all, is to partner with other businesses to provide staff incentives.

You have businesses around you and you also have your own food and wine suppliers who your staff might really appreciate a thoughtful gift from. You can buy at wholesale prices to give to your staff as bonuses or incentives to increase restaurant sales. Or you can approach some of the businesses around you and ask for gift vouchers (that you can give to your staff) in exchange for gift vouchers from you (to give to their staff).

Some business owners will say no because they don't see the value, but don't be put off because smarter operators will say yes and you'll both have a really great way to incentivise staff and attract new clients at the same time.

Take Aways:

  • Incentives do improve results!
  • Gifts and rewards work better and are remembered longer than money.
  • Ask your suppliers if they can give you something to use as a prize.
  • Ask local businesses to give (or exchange) rewards too.