Done For You Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Done For You

Done For You Marketing means you sit back while we consistently drive diners through your doors… both new and repeat business.  Once set up it’s on auto-pilot, we just keep working for you, you keep seeing your numbers increase AND you can track the increase in sales revenue as it happens too!

Twelve years ago they laughed when we urged restaurant owners to use direct response marketing to grow their profits… Since then they’ve made millions of dollars in sales while many of their competitors have gone out of business.

We have worked with thousands of restaurateurs across Australia in New Zealand and the UK to have highly successful businesses. Enough to know that it takes more than good food to make great money in the restaurant, hospitality and cafe industries. No matter what the economy is doing there is still plenty of money to be made if you know how to make diners come to you and your restaurant.

“Howard is one of the smartest marketers I have come across.  Not only does he understand what it takes to get people into a restaurant he and his team just do it for you… It’s marketing smarts and implementation all in one… and I don’t know where else you can get that, I’ve never seen it in 20 years in the industry.  That’s why we brought Restaurant Profits in to work with OTTO”.

Joh FinkJohn Fink

Restaurateur Owner of Award Winning Restaurants Quay, OTTO & The Bridge Room.




What’s The Secret To Having A Highly Successful Restaurant?

Our clients have cracked the code. Some of them you will know from the media but many you won’t because they don’t need to get in the press. They have a great reputation, they are full on “slow nights”, they have people ringing way ahead to book in for special occasions and they regularly make money while they sleep!

This Puts You In Charge Of Your Business, Your Income And Your Life…

You’re no longer a victim to the economy or the whims of the public

We’ll shown you how to quickly Get Your Life Back, to have free time again, to attract more customers and MORE MONEY. This is just the beginning… the extra income means that the weight is lifted off your shoulders. These strategies will begin to run automatically so that you can look forward to regular streams of customers and income every month – It’s not unusual for this to mean Tens of Thousands – consistent, revenue guaranteed every month, with very little extra work! This is what we call Done For You Marketing so you can work less and enjoy your restaurant more!

With More Money – More Time and – Less Stress The FUN Starts Now!

With that regular guaranteed income the stress lifts… now you can afford to plan ahead and reap the rewards of having people come back more often and Spend More Money when they dine. You can watch your profits rapidly increase and begin to create the lifestyle you wanted from owning a restaurant. We will work closely with you to create new promotions, we take on the logistics of getting the marketing pieces to the target market so that you can sit back, steer the ship and enjoy seeing the profits pouring in.

With MORE TIME – You Can Now Start Achieving Some Of Those Dreams And Goals

Now we work together to the same ends, to drive more people into the business and to keep the customers coming back without causing any more work for you. In fact, it’s now when the business is busier than ever that you can start to take time out. To have those dream holidays, to fix up the house, to buy the weekender, to get the boat back in the water and ultimately to live the dream.

  • We will help you to make sure that actions that fill your restaurant get taken.
  • We will show you guaranteed ways to make sure clients come back time and time again – cutting out your competition.
  • We show you what to do and how to do it. We help you to delegate tasks to other people and teach you how to monitor and manage those activities.
  • We can even take marketing off your hands if you like, we send out emails, cards, letters and invites for you, we manage databases and train your staff to sell too.

You don’t need to become a jack of all trades – if you love cooking or managing then you should focus on that BUT you do need to market your hospitality business, restaurant or cafe or at least have someone do it for you! if not you are just living in hope that someone will come in and fear that the competition won’t eat into the little profits you have.


If for any reason you don’t like anything about what we do you can leave there’s no lock in contact. 

Put yourself in charge of your business, your income and your life...