Set Up An Advisory Body With Your Best Clients


Set Up An Advisory Body

Why not create an Advisory Body from your best customers. I have seen this work with great results in the the States. It is an amazing marketing device to get feedback on your business, what works, what doesn't work. So why not invite 6-12 of your best clients to come together on an evening, provide a meal and wine in a private dining room. While there have an agenda about what you want to learn, get them to discuss what they love about your place. Talk to them about your thoughts and your hopes for the future for the restaurant and ask for their support in return.

A client in the States said this was one of the best marketing tools that he has ever used. He had people of influence in his community, school principals, people who work in universities on a teaching panel and other people. He brought them all together to brainstorm his business and they felt involved in his restaurant and they loved that. He did this several times a year and these people became invested in his business and became a part of his restaurant marketing plan.


  • This is a REPEAT & NEW BUSINESS strategy.
  • It might seem strange at first but if done well, you will love it.
  • You need to cherry-pick the right people from your customer-list:
  • Members of your TOP 50 CLIENTS.
  • People of influence in your community.
  • Others with good businesses that want to collaborate.
  • Provide food and wine and have the meeting in a private meeting space.
  • Ask them for their help, ideas, input, etc.

Restaurant Coach: Howard Tinker