Shortcut to success

This is an amazingly intelligent and couragous kid talking at a TED conference about his concept of effective education "Hack -Schooling".  What he is describing is the way to success, using the best ideas, tricks, tips and shortcuts to get you to where you want to be (To be Happy).

This is how young people think and move now... We oldies might not like it because it makes us feel our years of learning and the hard yards are lessened by these kids taking short cuts, but we wont stop them doing it anyway!   The "establishment" always wants to hold onto the old ways but eventually the new way of thinking and acting will win out.

In the past this process affected things like music, fashion, sport and entertainment.  Today the young have their focus on business and making a difference - so if you are wedded to the old ways of doing things in business look out because you are about to see a kid learn and move faster than you!  And that could be devastating for your business!

This is essentially how we approach restaurant marketing...  The old traditional approaches fail time and time again, just read the litany of closures in the press!  Yet the hospitality establishment keeps on promoting its way as the only way.  Anyone interested in learning how to have a  highly successful restaurant by doing what works today?  Come and talk to us and let us show you our "Hack-Restaurateuring" 🙂