Social networking with icontact

I just wanted to let you know about how you can do your Internet marketing across three channels at once.  This will save you time and get you out to a much wider audience at the same time.  Plus if you already subscribe to icontact this is all free!

Hopefully you will be using icontact to do your emails... and if you are you can now use it to post onto your Facebook page and Twitter feeds too.

Below I have posted several links to videos that show you how to use icontact to multi task.

If you are not an icontact user yet click here first to get yourself a free trial account

Now the videos:

How to use icontact for Social networking:
How your emails get shared onto Facebook and Twitter:

How to collect email addresses from your Facebook page:

How to track who is looking at your social media:

Hope that this is helpful.

Speak soon,