The Anatomy of Restaurant Failure: Dead Man Walking

Yes I know it’s a happy little title but this article (below) is a very important read.
Here is a brief summary of the contents:

+Most restaurants fail quickly, and the seeds of their failure are planted before the restaurant even opens.

+Due to both personal and external factors, even successful restaurants almost always eventually close.

+Restaurants are essentially dead men walking, and their initial planning phase should anticipate their eventual demise.

How you treat this really comes down to you, it’s either very depressing or it’s a road map to success. To use it for success simply do what most restaurateurs don’t do… Having read it I can see why most restaurants close in 10 years, it makes absolute sense to me. So my take on it is to build the thing now so it is a valuable asset for someone to buy in a few years time.

Many thanks to Adam from who alerted me to this.