The Marketing Myths That Most Restaurant Owners Fall for…

It's tough to make money in small business right now.  Its very tough for restaurants because of the incredibly tight margins but what makes it even worse is that some of the assumptions restaurant owners make (or are led to believe) about marketing almost certainly cause them to trade without a hope in hell of making any decent money.  These myths are endemic in our industry and are not helped by an hospitality education system that doesn't understand effective marketing and a media that only focuses on the glitz and glamour end of the business while feeding off ineffective advertising paid for by the small guys.

Here are the worst marketing myths that harm restaurant businesses in order:

1. If I build it they will come - Sorry folks but there are 40,000 other eating places in Australia all competing for your customer's attention

2. If I win an award they will come...This one is a killer - see the video -  Want to see who has awards but no profits! Click here and here

3. If I get a cheap website that will be enough - No, no, no, again there are thousands of websites competing for your customer's attention you have to have a good one!

4. If I do what my competitors do that will work - except it's not working for them so you are wasting your money most ads and marketing pieces WASTE MONEY

5. If I do what they ad rep says that will work - except the ad rep works for the media company not you!  They make money from your folly and they don't care.

Stop being a victim to these marketing myths, watch this video to learn how to fill your restaurant - no matter what the economy or the weather....

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