The Most Important Question in Marketing is WIIFM


What's In It For Me?

So here’s a great tip for you - Whenever you are getting ready to send out marketing, try to read that marketing from the eyes and the position of the person reading it and the question that you want to have in your mind as the reader is, “What’s in it for me?”, because as a restaurant owner you will get caught up in a lot of internal things like - you’ve got a new chef, you’ve got new decor, there’s things going on inside that are really important to you, but they’re not necessarily important to me as the reader.

If you switch positions in your head and read that marketing piece before you send it out and become the customer out there in the general public and read it with the question in your mind “What’s in for me?” and if there’s nothing in it for me as the reader, I’m not going to read it.

I am bombarded everyday with 6000 marketing messages, so everything is just a blur, it’s just a noise. If I’m going to read yours, it’s got to stand out like its got flashing lights on it. The reason it will stand out and grab my attention is because there’s something in it for me. Now if you don’t have that WIIFM in there loud and proud, right in the subject line, right in headline, as soon as I read it I’m moving onto the next thing. So make sure you work out, what’s in it for me, as the reader.

I honestly, I don’t care that you’ve got a new chef, I don’t care what his or her name is, I’m not interested. That’s important to you, it’s not important to me. If you’ve got a new chef and they won Masterchef or they’ve worked with a big star like Gordon Ramsey and they’re bringing that menu to your restaurant, now I’m interested. Now I’m interested because I want to know more about that. Just because you’ve got a new chef who’s called “Pierre” that’s of no interest to me.

So you’ve got to work out what is going to hook me, what’s interesting to me so that I’ll come in. It could be that you are going to put on a wine dinner and it is a great winery and it’s matched with some fantastic food and then I’ll come, because I’m interested in that experience. So make sure that you work out what’s in it for me as your reader and make sure that is right at the top of the email and in the subject line, so that I will stop for a moment and read your message and hopefully respond and come to your restaurant.

Take aways:

  • Always read your marketing from the eyes of the reader.
  • Keep your marketing content relevant for the reader.
  • Remember to ask yourself “What’s in it for me?”