The Restaurant Show – I’m Puzzled – there were success secrets galore shared – Why weren’t more restaurateurs there?

Yesterday I spent the day at The Restaurant show at the old Fox Studios in Sydney.  The only purely business to business show for restaurateurs.

Once again I was on the speaking panel at Talk Business and I have to say that this year the line up of speakers were the best I have ever seen at including "masterchefs'" George Calombarisand Matt MoranLuke Mangan from Glass Sydney and The Palace Melbourne,  Matt Kemp from Restaurant Balzac, Mark Jensen from The Red Lantern,  John Fink (the business man behind Australia's No1 Restaurant Quay and Otto), Australia's top food Blogger Lorraine from Not Quite NigellaCraig Macindoe(probably Sydney's most successful social media using chef), Food critics Joanna Saville and Simon Thomsen and probably one of the highlights Joost Bakker from Greenhouse Restaurant Perth plus lots more...

But to mis-quote a famous Aussie ad "Where the bloody hell were You?"  Sadly there were only about 70 exhibitors and a small number of visitors in attendance.  I can't believe that restaurateurs are so egotistical or disinterested that they don't want to learn from the industry's best and brightest...  Simon Thomsen quipped maybe all the restaurateurs were making a fortune or meeting with the liquidators!

So I was left to wonder what was the cause of the no-shows.  Was it that the show was too close to the festive season?  Was it that people are so bunkered down since the recession that they don't want to leave their premises?  Was it that restaurateurs still don't get it that they need a business education if they are to run their businesses for profit?  I suspect that despite the show being an incredible opportunity to learn and network it just wasn't marketed well enough!

I often say to my clients and at seminars that it's not all about the food, it's the marketing that brings in the crowds and keeps then coming back.

When the same sentiment is applied to the Restaurant Show, it's not about the line up of great speakers it's the marketing that didn't penetrate the busy mind of the audience and get him/her to see the benefit in coming to the event... add to that the mindset of most restaurant owners that they don't appreciate the value of time spent working "ON" their businesses instead they are virtual prisoners locked inside them.

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