The Three Favourite Days

If we were to hold a pop quiz amongst restaurant owners, and the question was; “Name the three most favorite days for people dining out in Australia”.  Most people would say, St Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and maybe Melbourne Cup, or Father's Day.  And the answer would be wrong.

The days that people love to dine out are:

  • Their birthday, or their partner's birthday.
  • Their wedding anniversary.
  • And other significant events.

The reason that we remember these dates is that they're laden with emotion, they mean something to someone, if I say to you, “What was it like, at the Melbourne Cup event last year or the year before?” You will probably think back then say, “Oh, it's a bit rowdy we had a bit of fun”... but it's not laden with emotion. If I say to you, “What was it like, when you had your wedding anniversary meal last year?”, probably the two of you would say, ‘Oh, we went here. And we did that. And we had this food, and we tried this wine’, and it would be emotionally laden.

That's why these are really important times for you to be inviting people in to your restaurant.  Form a marketing perspective, giving them a reason to come in and dine with you, because these events are memorable.

If you can pull it off really well, to give people a really memorable time at your restaurant. That will lead to word of mouth, because people are going to go away and say, Oh, we went to this great restaurant... or somebody will say to them, where did you go for your birthday?  Or where did you go for your anniversary, and they'll talk about this amazing experience they had at your place.

The other thing to think about with birthdays and weddings is that people have what we call milestones. A milestone birthday will be the 18th, the 21st, the 30th, 40th, 50th, and so on. And with wedding anniversaries, they have the 10th, the 25th, the 50th, and so on. And although that might not mean a lot to you, when somebody has been married for 25 or 50 years, usually they invite a lot of people. Aa 50th anniversary normally means you're going to get three generations of families dining together for that event.

If you have a way in your database, of being able to track milestones, whether that's milestone birthdays, like 30th, or 40th or 50ths or wedding anniversaries and you can send out an invite to those people saying, “Hey, we know you've got a big birthday (or anniversary) coming up, come in and have a glass of wine with us and let's talk about what we can do for you”. If you've got that happening automatically every single day, then you are going to get many, many more of those milestone birthdays and anniversaries booking in at your venue… like clockwork.

When you add those together with the events I've talked about already this month… everything from Australia Day, through to New Year's Eve and everything in between, guest chef dinners, wine dinners, beer matching, menu launches, that kind of thing. Then you are going to become the go-to place that people want to dine.

People remember those events, they will talk about them.  So remember the three most favored and important dates that you have to market your restaurant is their birthday, their anniversary and significant events. If you want more information like this or you want to work with us so that we can help you to market those kinds of things. Come and find us at restaurant and let's help you