The Three Things Every Successful Restaurant Owner Has…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s not unusual for our clients to get 30% response rate and make $50,000 per month for spending $1,000 when running this strategy...

How Would You Like To Have The Three Things Every Successful Restaurant Owner Has?...

  • A reliable flow of people coming into the restaurant
  • Higher profits for the business and therefore income for themselves
  • A consistently busy dining room

Let me show you how to get all three today:

The strategy that delivers all three of these is the birthday club... It’s not rocket science, it’s not even a secret, I’ve been talking about it for 15 years, others have been talking about it for longer. However, there are ways to do it incredibly well and other ways to screw it up. My clients do it well and it earns them millions as a result!

This makes Millions for my clients! Let me show you how they do it so well:

First of all you need to get someone’s permission to invite them in to dine on their birthday. To do this you need to collect the appropriate data; name, address, email and DOB at the very least. You also need to engage with them about the process - this gets their agreement that you can market to them and creates anticipation of coming back and celebrating their birthday.

It sounds like Tosh doesn’t it but it makes a big difference to how your “invite” to dine on their birthday is received. Do it well and a large number of people will accept and come in to dine. Do it badly and it will be viewed as yet another marketing strategy and ignored.

Next you need to communicate this “invite” in a way that it gets seen, read and responded to.  To do this we send Birthday Cards to the diner through the mail.  Mail boxes are empty right now whilst in-boxes are full (of unwanted messages) and social media wishes are as heartfelt as digital flowers 💐

The typical “response rate” for emails is somewhere between 0.5% and 5% for cards its between 15% and 40%. Response rate is someone dining in your restaurant as a result of your marketing piece (not opening your email or liking a post!). No one can give me any response rates for social media birthday wishes - enough said!

It’s not unusual for our clients to get 30% response rate and make $50,000 per month for spending $1,000 when running this strategy in the way I am describing. There’s a video here showing the financial results from one of our clients doing just this.  (Click The Image To Play The Video)


What else is important about the card? What is written on it, the message, the description of the birthday gift, the conditions, the expiry date. The image is also important, it has to be what we call “Fridge Worthy”. There’s a few other tweaks which I won’t go into here but those 4 things are the major ones.

What else is important?

  • The gift has to be seen as valuable or no one will come in to claim it (think about it would you drive across the city on your birthday to get a free glass of wine?)
  • The reception people receive when they call to book their celebration, mentioning their card.
  • The reception they receive when they come in to dine.
  • The dining experience itself has to be a celebration. Some of my clients stage hundreds of birthday parties every month from this strategy and so they are very much a “process” for them but for the guest, it’s their one birthday meal this year so they need to feel celebrated and special (not cheap or manipulated into dining at your restaurant).

Finally you must track your results. We once had a client who was about to pull the plug on this strategy because “he wasn’t sure it was working”. I got him to track his results that month (he hadn’t bothered to track them before) and he saw that he got a $20,000 net contribution from a $1,000 spend. He tracked the following month and the results were even better. You can guess he didn’t pull the plug.

If you don’t track your results you can be throwing away good money on stupid strategies believing they’re earning you a return when they’re actually sucking money out of your business.

The video above shows our sales tracking dashboard. The figures are those that our client entered himself. You’ll be blown away by what you see. You’ll see it gets a reliable flow of people coming into the restaurant, higher profits and income for him and a consistently busy dining room.

If you want to see if this will work for you click this link to organise a chat about it.