Wanna know how we fill restaurants for our clients? Here’s what we do for them in 7 detailed steps.

Do you find it difficult to get bums on seats?  Do you find it tough when it comes to making marketing decisions?  Do you wonder how successful your marketing efforts will be?

Here's a simple solution - (yes it is simple - but it works every time) put yourself in your customer's shoes and know what will attract them, on that issue this is what our most successful restaurateurs do:

1 - For people who work around your restaurant: A major concern at lunch time is whether they can get back to their desks within a specific time frame e.g. an hour, promise they will - and make it happen.  Also note: corporate clients don't respond well to discounts e.g. 10% off but do respond well to extras or fixed priced special menus.

2 - Clients who live close to your restaurant will likely share certain characteristics. As a group they are more likely to respond to discounts and special offers, theme nights, "Locals Only" promotions, loyalty discounts and so on.

3 - By analyzing your clients demographics and psychographics e.g. age, income level, size of household, reason to dine, purchasing triggers and other factors that influence purchasing decisions, you can best decide how to market yourself to them.

4 - What is the customers "brand" preference?  Are you family friendly, themed, fine dining,  hip and modern, what does your restaurant represent?

5 - What attracts customers to purchase in your neighbourhood? In order to successfully market your restaurant, you should always be looking around. By analyzing the most successful businesses in your geographic area you can determine the best ways to attract the same people who are shopping in those other businesses.

6 - What issues may deter targeted customers from coming into your restaurant?  A successful restaurateur must always know what the competition is doing in order to survive in the market.  Learn what your competitors do well - go out and do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis on them.  Learn from their strengths and weaknesses.  Really want to get a great result from this tip? - Then take some of your best staff with you (Reward for good work) and get them to do the SWOT and then use it as training and motivation back in your restaurant!

7 - How can you gain a competitive advantage - Repeat customers are your restaurant’s best resource. Don't spend the majority of your marketing budget trying to attract new patrons, continually learn ways to attract your clients back through your doors.  This is the "Golden Rule" in marketing - and the one that is most overlooked by everyone!

We make sure our clients get their marketing out to their diners every week. We send around 3.5 million emails a year for them and nearly half a million post cards.  We know their customers preferences, important dates and spending patterns. It's no accident that our clients are successful.  The 7 steps above are great tips for you - this is one of the things we do in coaching with our clients if you want to discuss any marketing or business issues with us call us on (02) 4362 2468 or send us a quick question by clicking on the link below.

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