Were You One Of The Winners In 2009?

How Many Restaurants and Cafes Won Awards This Year?  How Many Owners Really Did Anything Useful About It?

My client Michele Menchin (Taste Gourmet Cafe) won Best Cafe on The NSW Central Coast again this year.  And because she is an active "Tweeter" (person using Twitter), facebook user, email and and SMS marketer she blasted out the news to her customers, "friends" and followers.

The Result: She and Brian have been absolutely swamped with customers ever since.  I went in to congratulate then on Friday around 2.00pm and couldn't get a seat in the place.  Business is BOOMING!

The Bonus is that Michele sells her own private label Gourmet Produce in the Cafe and 30% of her sales happen in December.  She is now doing everything she can to cash in on her success including using on line video (see below), A Christmas Newsletter and Colour Catalogue, Tasting Evenings, Long Sunday Lunches, Live Music, email and snail mail marketing, new signage, an on-line shop and of course website and social media strategies too.

Over The Last few Years Michele has sold incredible sums of Gourmet Food Retail Products from her business, many items she has had made specifically for her.  She is due to show you how any restaurant or cafe owner can cash in on this untapped profit stream at next years Restaurant Profits Bootcamp in Melbourne February 2010 - so watch out for news of that.  She will also show you how to use FREE Social Media to get a nice stream of customers seeking you out too.

Watch Michele's Video Below To get A Sense of what she does so well...