What A Restaurateur Can Learn From A Cyclone

Last week I was one of the people staying at Daydream resort in the Whitsunday's when Cyclone Anthony swept through.  It was interesting to watch how a business responded to the challenge and to be honest the people at Daydream did a great job as far as I was concerned.  It was obvious these guys had been drilled ready for this eventuality and that they had procedures to follow that ensured the safety of their staff and guests.  Everything went well, apparently a few trees got knocked down, a shed went missing but no one was injured and most people were happy with how they were "managed".

The question that arose in my mind was how well drilled and skilled are people that work in "our restaurants"?  Would they know where to get procedures if an incident occurred?  Would they know how to keep staff and guests safe?  I know that most small business restaurants don't have processes for running the place on a day to day basis so what would occur when problems occur (and when dealing with people, they always do).  The most important reason you should have processes in place though is so that your business becomes a system that doesn't need you there "hands on" for everything.  Sad but true, most restaurateurs are hands on 95% of the time and so their business becomes a job which they no longer enjoy and one where the pay isn't commensurate with the hours or the investment made.

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