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Are you listed on GPS Maps?

Well, when I am travelling around to go visit restaurant owners often I don’t know where the restaurant is. We will have had a phone call or somebody has emailed and said "Can you come and see us at our restaurant?" When I am the person that has to go out and do that, what I do is go to my GPS in my car and I put in the restaurant name. I would say 50% of the time the restaurant’s listed and I get directions to it. 50% of the time it is not, so then I’ve got to find out the restaurant’s street address and then put back in there.

Those restaurants that are listed are much easier to find. So, find out how you get your restaurant listed on GPS maps so that when people are in their cars, looking for restaurants in their local areas, you will be listed.

Take aways:

  • Research online to find out how many GPS maps there are for cars.
  • Find out how to get listed on each of them.
  • Look into True Local as a resource.
  • Get yourself listed on as many as many GPS maps as possible.