What are you Known For?

Here is a quick 3 minute video to remind you how to market your restaurant presented by Howard Tinker.

Do You Know Your Customer?

In the Restaurant Profits seminar, I often talk about ‘Knowing Your Customer’ and "Marketing to Your Customer" as opposed to going out with generic marketing to anybody.

Recently, I was speaking about this with my daughter who is still at school. She was on school holidays and I was driving her to the beach to meet her friends. On the way we saw some other kids still going to school. My daughter explained that their school doesn't break for the holidays for another week. I joked with her that we pay more for her schooling but we get less.

I then said to her that when I decided to buy education for her, I wasn’t buying the fact that I would get "more education" for her. So, I asked her what she thought I was buying from her school, she answered "a better education".

I answered that I didn't look around to find out which school has the better exam results. So I asked her again what was it that her school provides... what was it that they sold me. I pointed out that other places didn’t have it, yet it was something that I wanted to buy. After a moment she answered ‘values’, that I wanted the school that shared the same values as we do.

This time she was correct. Their ‘thing’ that they sold to me as their customer was that they have really high values and standards that their students, teachers and the school administrators adhere to... And so, rather than selling anything to anybody this is what they market to parents.

Their school days are shorter than the public school's and their students don’t get the highest grades in the state. What they do get is a really great grounding in good values. That’s what they sell, what they marketed to me and it's what got me to buy their product.

And so this is also true when you are marketing your restaurant. That’s really the idea of knowing your customer, knowing what your customer wants to buy and selling it to them. Once you have done this you can create your Restaurant Marketing Plan and your marketing messages will be very powerful.

Take aways:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What is it, that they really want to buy from you?
  • Are you getting that message across to the market?

Restaurant Marketing Coach - Howard Tinker