Who Else Can Send Customers To You


One of the greatest questions a business coach ever asked me was “Where are your customers now?” What he was asking was where else are they spending their money right now and are they in a place that could lead them to you.

So my question “Who Else Can Send Their Customers To You?” is very similar. For instance, if you have a restaurant with a function room and you do weddings, where are the people who are going to be booking weddings? They may well be at the jewellers buying the engagement ring. So do a joint venture with the jeweller so he or she directs their customers to you.

What you are doing is setting up a sales funnel coming directly from somewhere else. So think about who has your customers now and who can drive their customers to you.

Another place to look is the real estate agents. When people are moving into the area, buying or renting a house, the agent gives a welcome pack. If that pack includes a voucher from you to dine for free in your restaurant (one person dines for free, min 2 people dining) then you get their customers too.

Also look at the sports clubs in your area, schools (particularly if you're family friendly). Look at other businesses like solicitors, accountants, stock brokers, vets, chiropractors, dentists. You have all those businesses in your area and they all have customers they could be sending to you.


Ask the question "Where are my customers now?"
Think about what you can offer to relevant local businesses, clubs or schools.
Think how those local businesses can drive their customers to your restaurant.