Who The Hell Are You?

Does Your Marketing Work? If Not This Could Be Why!

Ever wondered why some of your marketing works and things suck?
Ever wondered why other people's marketing works and yours doesn't?

One of the great things that came out of the Member's day this week was a discussion about why the same piece of marketing works in one venue but not in another.

Initially we spoke about demographics because we have two identical restaurants, owned by the same person, with the same menu and offering the same offer. The offer works in one suburb but not in another. The issue here is different demographics.

Then we spoke about two cafes offering the same offer, in one it works like clockwork without anyone trying to rip off the owner, in another suburb a different cafe owner struggles to break even and has to put up with people trying to dupe him out of money. Again demographics.

Eventually we got on to authenticity and congruence of the marketing message. Now this might sound like highfalutin gobbledygook that marketing companies trot out before they charge you an arm and a leg for a marketing plan but it’s not. Below is what we discussed at the Member’s day and if you want improve your results it is worth considering...

Put simply you need to answer the question: Who the hell are you?

When we send out a marketing piece from Mumu Grill we do so in “their language". It is a little quirky, (like Craig) it's slightly Blokey without being a put off to his women clients and it often touches on sustainability. Most important, it works. It gets opened, he gets responses, comments, he gets bookings and he makes money.

When we decided upon the "Tour of Italy" lunches and dinner at Pilu at Freshwater it worked and has continued to grow and even become a staple part of their marketing... Why? Because Giovanni Pilu is known as someone who loves his home country and brings traditional Sardinian ingredients and dishes to his restaurant. The concept of touring Italy with him is authentic and congruent to what people think of Giovanni and of Pilu at Freshwater.

When Michele Menchin of Taste Gourmet surveyed the people who turned up in her small suburban cafe for Friday and Saturday dinners; they told her, “They came because she (Michele) told them to!” Michele, Brian and the staff had been telling all their customers verbally that dinners were on again. This “homely” style of communication for a community based cafe worked.

At Outback Jacks Queensland they are promoting a challenge of eating a massive 1kg steak dinner in under 30 minutes. Again this is congruent with their fun, big meat loving, value for money, family theme and it works to attract attention and viral marketing.

However could you imagine Pilu doing a challenge of eat a kilo of pasta in 30 minutes or Outback Jacks doing a tour of Australia? Sure they would get some response but not from loyal clients and it would be a short term strategy not something that is evergreen and continually builds a following.

The tour of Italy wouldn't even work as well for your average pizza and pasta restaurant, it's close but it doesn't really speak to their audience, I hope you can see that.

The "Challenge", Tour of Italy, Taste's Dinners and Mumu Marketing works because the owners have answered the question "who are you" and their customer base resonates with the answer. Their answer (Authentic Italian, Quirky Sustainable Steak House, Community Centred Cafe or Big Fun Family Focused Steakhouse) hits the nail right on the head, it's not nearly right, it's exactly right.

So same question to you... Who are you?

Once you answer that question your marketing gets a whole lot easier because you can ignore all of the things that you are not and focus in on just a few things that really communicate with your audience... Then you will see your responses and redemptions increase.

At ARMS we make sure our clients get their marketing out to their diners every week. We send around 3.5 million emails a year for them and nearly half a million post cards. We know their customers preferences, important dates and spending patterns.

It's no accident that our clients are successful. Above are great tips for you and represents just one of the things we do with and for our clients. If you want to discuss any marketing or business issues with us call us on (02) 4362 2468 or send us a quick question by clicking on the link below.

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Speak soon,

Howard Tinker.