Why Start a Cooking School?


Start a Cooking School!

This great business and marketing strategy might sound scary at first, but believe me it can add a new stream of revenue and bring new customers to your restaurant. Many of my clients have done it. Everything from a formal cooking school, to a Pasta Master class to Soufflé School, Tapas classes, BBQ classes, coffee classes and even Breakfast classes.

Some restaurants have got great kitchens for it, some are held on benches or in private dining areas, others are held outside in outdoor dining areas.

Just think about what your clients are interested in, what you can do, and then give it a go! It’s a really great way of bringing extra revenue and customers into your business.

Take aways:

  • Cooking schools add additional streams of income to your restaurant.
  • You can run classes for many reasons – from breakfasts right through to desserts.
  • They attract NEW business to your restaurant.
  • They create a new buzz about your business in the neighbourhood.
  • They create great cross sell opportunities and get people to dine too.