You Are Who Google Says You Are!


“You are who Google says you are!”. Why is this phrase true? Because the majority of people searching for you on the internet will use Google.

They will search for your name or your business name and whatever comes back is what they are going to believe including the good and bad reviews. If you’ve posted a great video on You Tube, they are going to see that too.

People will also see your social media posts so make sure that if you have a social media channel you keep it up-to-date and put great information out there because Google is now indexing not only websites but also social media, video and so on.

So remember, when someone looks you up and Google says "Hey! This is what they are about…" that is what they are going to believe and that’s why you are who and what Google says you are.

Take Aways:

  • They will see your VIDEOS on YouTube.
  • They will see what you post on social media.
  • Is what they see flattering or terrible? Either way, it is what they WILL BELIEVE about you!