Cocktail of the Week Email


How to initiate a "Cocktail of the Week" email!

Once you get your database and you're used to doing your email marketing, you can set yourself up with a template for something like, Cocktail of the Week. All you have to do is upload a photograph into that template, write in the new ingredients, write the offer and push send. It’s simple as that and because you are using that image you can use it with social media, like Facebook and Instagram and get that offer out by social media too.

Really simple thing to do - Cocktail of the Week - give it a go. You WILL attract people to your restaurant.

  • Get your database into an email program.
  • Get started with email marketing.
  • Develop an email template which is easily edited.
  • Image - Ingredients (Menu) - Offer.
  • Send weekly.
  • Share on Social Media.