Link Your Restaurant Marketing Channels


Make sure you link all of your restaurant marketing channels.

For example, when you send out an email make sure you put your website and social media links in it; and, make sure those links work and take the recipient directly to those channels.

Connect the various channels together, for instance, when I write a blog on my website it immediately posts to Facebook. When I write an email, it goes to my blog or to Facebook, it's automated to do that. You can do the same thing with your YouTube channel; make a YouTube video turn up on your Facebook feed as well.

If that sounds complicated, talk to someone who knows about these things and get them to do it. It might cost a few dollars but once it’s all automated it means that you can create a marketing piece once and it will go out via various vehicles, which gets the message out several times.

This will give a much wider spread to your marketplace.

Take Aways:

  • List ALL of your mediums at the bottom of your email e.g. web address and social media.
  • Link your email and social media so that your email goes out in that format too.
  • Link your YouTube channel to Facebook so your video goes viral through Facebook.
  • If you blog, link your blog to your social media platforms too.
  • Doing this means that you work on a sales piece once but publish it many times.