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Restaurant Marketing Tips – Managing Your Restaurant’s Online Reviews:

This is a very important Restaurant Marketing Tip that a lot of restaurant owners need to take note of. Maybe the reason they don’t is the pain they feel when they read On-line Reviews and see the negative things that some people have written about them, they don’t want to go back and look again.

However the problem with this is that 85% of people believe what they read in on-line review and take them into consideration when choosing where to dine. Now this is GREAT news if all of the

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The Three Things Every Successful Restaurant Owner Has…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s not unusual for our clients to get 30% response rate and make $50,000 per month for spending $1,000 when running this strategy…

How Would You Like To Have The Three Things Every Successful Restaurant Owner Has?…

A reliable flow of people coming into the restaurant
Higher profits for the business and therefore income for themselves
A consistently busy dining room

Let me show you how to get all three today:

The strategy that delivers all three of these is the birthday club… It’s not rocket science, it’s not even a secret, I’ve been

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Great Netflix Email You Can Learn Marketing From

A great direct response, niche email from Netflix. There is so much you can learn from this in terms of attracting new and repeat business – as well as a great copywriting technique.



10,000 Birthdays!

How would you like to be able to attract 10,000 Birthday parties to your restaurant this year?

This is exactly what our client, Charlotte Bartlett from Steel Tree@ Settlers WA can now do.



New Website – Who Cares?

How to make sure that your guests and potential guests love your website…

As exciting as it is for you to launch your new website, your clients simply just don’t care – sorry!



Melbourne Cup Bonanza

I know you’re going to be saying to yourself that, ‘There’s no need to market Melbourne Cup as the day is always packed anyway’…



Do you think like a restaurateur or a business owner?

From the book More Bums On Seats this is one of the big issues that gets in the way of restaurant owners being able to effectively use restaurant marketing to increase their profits….



How Do You Plan To Sell More Functions?

A great way to add more profit to your business is to provide a function space for clients to run functions. …



Hold Special Events To Increase Your Database

Boosting your database numbers, we’ve talked about joint ventures, we’ve talked about competitions, and another way of doing…



Holding Book Launches

In this video you will learn how to hold book launches with celebrity authors. …