Create A Monthly Special Menu


How to Create Your Monthly Special Menu

As you know, I am a great fan of using menus for marketing and sales. So, here’s a couple of ideas for you. If you are not already doing it, have a specials menu or a specials board that is always available. Every single day you should be presenting to your customers specials, that are at a premium price. People tend to buy either what your staff tell them are specials or what you present on a board.

The other thing is to have a special menu linked to an event. This is a marketing strategy where you can set the event to be the months of the year where you create the months special depending on the produce available or link it to calendar events such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

One of my clients linked a menu to Father’s Day and ran it over the weekend starting Friday through to the end of Sunday when Father’s day was on and called it Father’s Day Treats. When we looked back at the end of that period, we saw that 71% of orders had come from that extra special menu. Rather than from the main menu, it came from that special menu, all of which were at premium price (may be 30% higher than they would normally be).

Of course, you have to remember not to sell exactly the same dishes as in your regular menu. You can make a little change on the ingredients in the recipe and make sure you do not go over the top and create completely new items, where you’d need to buy new stocks for. Change a few but important details to your dish like, perhaps, using Belgian chocolate instead of your usual chocolate on a dessert and increase its price.

As mentioned earlier, many people will buy from that special menu and give you increased profits because you are selling at premium prices. Try these marketing strategies and I am sure you’ll make more money just by doing those two simple tips.

Take aways:

  • Remember your MENUS ARE marketing tools.
  • Have Special Menus and sell them at premium prices.
  • Use monthly or seasonal special menus too.
  • Have your staff introduce the special menus.