Create Partnerships with Local Schools


Do you have a relationship with your local School?

So this one seems like a generic thing to say to create partnerships with schools, but it is very useful.

One of the things that you’ve got to realise is that, MOST of your clients will come from 3-5 kms of your restaurant. If you draw a circle on a map around your restaurant that reflects 5kms, then look at all the primary schools in that area and you create relationships with those schools and encourage those schools to advertise the fact that you have a restaurant and that you do things with them, then you are going to drive the exactly the right sort of people to your restaurant.

There are a lot of ways you can do things with schools. (This is not just about giving a voucher away that they can raffle at the end of the year). There are lots of different strategies that we’ve used with our clients over the years.

Schools have lots of things that they want to raise money for such as, student going away on overseas trips, doing sporting events, repairing buildings or renewing equipment as well as events, celebrations, achievements etc.

We do a lot of things with schools and on behalf of our clients, so make sure that you look for schools that could be your JV partner.

Take aways:

  • This is a new business strategy.
  • Schools serve your clients (within that 3-5kms. area).
  • Parents support those who support their kids.
  • There are lots of ways to work with schools.
  • Teachers and Admin staff will also support your business.