Do you change your menus seasonally?


Seasonal Menus

I often talk about using your menu for marketing and one great way to do this is to change your menu seasonally. It is an effective marketing strategy that not only delights your customers but also saves you cash...

There are lots of great reasons for doing this:
1. People crave seasonal foods

  • When it’s winter, everybody wants comfort food; and
  • During summer, everybody wants salad.

So, adapt to your menu.
2. In-Season produce is cheaper

  • Using produce when it is bountiful and at it's best is not only good for your customer but it's good for you too... it's cheaper when there's lots of it about.

3. Marketing benefits

  • You can market out to your database with each season's menu.
  • Have your new menu posted on your website.
  • You can advertise the “coming attraction” of a new menu in house.

Seasonal Menus, a great way of inspiring and staying in touch with your customers.