Do your emails come from a real person?


Emails come from real people not from businesses? So send them from a real person to a real person!

When you send out an email from your company, make sure that it comes from a person. Put someone’s name at the bottom of it. It doesn't have to be your name but must be someone real inside your business so that when it is received the recipient feels it's from a real person and not a robot.

And when you write emails, write as though you are talking to someone. Have a conversation, engage in a chat; engagement is a really important thing in marketing. You've got to engage people so make sure that the email is conversational. Make sure it is personalised, from one real person to another and not like some spam thing that comes from a robot.

Take Aways:

  • Put a real person’s name at the bottom of the email.
  • Have a conversation in print.
  • Write conversationally – not “Proper English as if from a Bank".
  • Make it Personal – use the recipient’s name as well as yours.