Every Parent Gets a Voucher (School Fees)


Every Parent Gets a Voucher for Paying their School Fees

This marketing tip is one that will not only increase your business but will also help your local school to collect it's fees. Apparently this is a real problem for most schools, as a high percentage of parents don't pay the voluntary contribution towards their school.

You can help by sitting down with the principal or fundraising committee and offer to give them vouchers worth $30 or $40 (whatever you can afford) to give away to EVERY PARENT WHO PAYS THEIR SCHOOL FEES.

Those parents who pay their fees get a voucher. Those parents who don't pay can be encouraged in the school newsletter and in letters home from the principal saying “We’ve got a lovely voucher for you from X restaurant when you pay your school fees. Once we receive your fees we'll send you a voucher worth $XX for you and your family to go eat at X restaurant".

This marketing strategy is good for you and for the school. It will help you to build a relationship with the school and it will drive people into your restaurant from your neighbourhood, the 3-5 kilometres around your restaurant.

This strategy works in all schools, public and private, so talk to all the schools in your area.

Take aways:

  • This is a NEW Business Strategy.
  • Schools need funding so will like this idea!
  • Schools customers are also your customers.
  • Parents support those who support their kids.
  • There are lots of other ways to work with Schools.
  • School Principals will love these other ways too.