Focus on Doubling your database


As you know, there are Four Ways to Grow your Business and the one that I particularly promote is reaching out to customers with repeat business marketing strategies. Those businesses I see doing this incredibly well, focus on growing their database.

So when you are full because you're running an event or it's Friday or Saturday nights, what more can you do to get those people coming back again? You have Mothers' Day coming up and you know you are going to be packed. So think ahead. How can you collect data and invite those people back in? Can you run a competition or a promotion?

Focusing on building your database is so important because your database is the key to your business' future. Don’t just focus on having a full room today, even if you are making a lot of money out of it, think about how you can create repeat business from those customers. The restaurateurs that I see who are extremely successful are the ones who do this.


  • This is a repeat business strategy.
  • Extremely successful restaurateurs focus on repeat business.
  • Don’t be satisfied with a full dining room or bookings book.
  • Capture customers’ details at every opportunity.
  • Have your team FOCUS ON THIS at pre-service meetings.
  • Reward team members who focus on growing your database.