Food Themed Events


Have You Ever Tried To Run Food Themed Events?

This Restaurant Marketing tip should be a no brainier - running food themed events. But, for some people they may have never thought about it. One of the things that we've done over the years is work with each of our clients on what is it, that they are known for. What is their USP (Unique Selling Point)? What kind of food do they love to do and what is it people love to come and eat. Then put something together that features that.

I talked before about Mumu Grill. So he does things like Porkestra, where he does a whole degustation of food based on pork or Lamb-a-geddon, where he does exactly the same with Lamb, "Duck Fest" where he does the same with duck and so on. We've worked with other restaurants where they've done special seafood nights, we've worked with other restaurants where they've done Game dinners, where they've had people come along to talk about the game, where chefs talk about food, we've done Truffle dinners or you can do anything that you know that your customers are interested in learning about and make that into a food themed event and of course put together a great email and market it out to your database.
Take aways:

  • What food or dining experience are you known for?
  • What are your customers interested in experiencing or learning about?
  • Examples: Wagyu, Seafood, Game, Truffles, Regions, Paleo, Wine Matching, Desserts.
  • Put together a great email and get it out to your list.