Get Involved in Local Community Events


Marketing to your Local Community

A great way of getting advertising and marketing out there to local people, is to get involved with local community events. There are various ways of doing this, you can do it by getting involved with sporting clubs and sporting events, doing some sponsorship there. There's some really smart ways of doing sponsorships but there are some simple ways as well, by going around a local ground and handing out vouchers to people that are on the local sports ground.

Another way, is by getting involved if there are things going on in the community where they have fetes and stands, things like that and making sure that you collect a database.

The great thing about it is, that everybody who is there is likely to live very close to where you are positioned and the majority of your clients will come from between 3 and 5 kilometres to dine at your restaurant. So these are exactly the sort of people you want to attract.

If you are going to run a competition, make sure that it's a good competition that people want to enter. Make sure you get their name, their physical address, their email address, their birthday and so on, so you can market out to them afterwards.

Getting involved with the local community is not just about your branding, not just about being a good community citizen, it's about using that position that you have and the opportunity to collect a database, so that you can continue to market beyond the end of the community event.

Take aways:

  • This is a NEW business strategy.
  • Most people who attend will live in your target area.
  • Offer gifts (bribes) to get parents watching sports to dine.
  • Run competitions and prize draws.
  • Gather a good database with entry forms.
  • Market to the locals.