Google Map on your Website


Do You Have A Google Map On Your Website?

Benefit of listing on Google Maps

Having a Google map on your website is a great way to attract more customers into your restaurant. Why? Because, most people go to Google when searching for anything (including restaurants) on the Internet. Since Google is the number 1 search browser in Australia (and the world), may as well make the most of this. Create a business page through the ‘Google My Business’ platform (which has consolidated all of Google’s older business services into one) and Google will freely list your business information on the right hand field of Google Search when a customer searches for your restaurant name.

Create a Google My Business Page

  • Make sure you register and list your business through Google’s NEW ‘Google My Business’ platform.
  • Now create a simple business page and list your restaurant on Google Maps.
  • Link your Google Maps listing to your business website.
  • Now when a customer searches for local restaurants in your area (or even your restaurant’s name) you will be seen on Google Maps.