How can the Entertainment Book help your business?


The Entertainment Book is a marketing resource that divides people. Some businesses love it, while others don't like it. In my experience, those who don't like The Entertainment Book often don’t understand Repeat Business strategies and so don’t follow up on the leads it generates. Those who love it really understand that it creates free lead generation.

If you put an advert in a newspaper for example, it’s going to cost you at least $500, whether it generates leads or not. If you put an advert in The Entertainment Book it’s going to cost you nothing, until someone redeems their coupon. So once you’ve got a customer, it’s going to cost you approximately 25% of that meal. Importantly though, now you have them in your database and can regularly market to them so they may even turn into a loyal customer and be worth thousands to you. The other real bonus is if you get those that use Entertainment Book to fill in the feedback form your rep will get a database of those clients built for you on a spreadsheet.

The Entertainment Book is a fabulous way of getting free lead generation to your restaurant and it’s very different to bargain hunters that go to the “daily-deals” site. Often Entertainment Book users acquire the resource because they are supporting a charity, a local event or their kids’ school. Because of this, those people are completely different to the bargain hunters attracted through the likes of Daily Deals. The Entertainment Book has shown to generate repeat business over many years - you just have to "work it" properly.


  • It is a NEW BUSINESS and REPEAT BUSINESS strategy.
  • This is a great way of building your database.
  • Restaurateurs who love it, FOLLOW UP on diners who use it.
  • These people are NOT “DAILY DEALS” bargain hunters.
  • The Entertainment Book is about fund-raising so it has community respect.