How much time you spend on marketing TODAY?


Applied knowledge is power!

So this is a great question "How much time TODAY are you going to spend on marketing?" If I put it like that - TODAY - it really makes you focused doesn't it? If this is the only thing you are going to do about marketing is listen to me, then there’s not a lot going to happen.

A good friend of mine who’s incredibly wealthy says, “Implementation is King!” What he means by that is, it’s alright to know about all of these things and some people think that knowledge is power, but it is not. You have to implement, it's applied knowledge that is power.

It’s not good enough to just know about marketing, it’s not just good enough to listen to me talk about marketing… YOU HAVE TO WORK ON IT!

So how much time are you going to spend on marketing TODAY?

Take aways:

  • How much time are you going to spend TODAY on marketing.
  • Knowing about something does NOTHING.
  • Applying what you know creates RESULTS!