Invite People to Dine


Even if you are doing well - Invite people to dine

Recently, I was talking to an owner of a really nice restaurant and he was struggling to get people through his door. I went to meet with him and surrounding his restaurant were tower blocks full of prospective customers. I assumed that these people were his customers but the owner explained that these people go to the city instead. So I encouraged him to collect a database and to do some marketing for his restaurant.

So he took my advice, went out and collected a database of local people. We then sent out an email on his behalf and that very first email that went out, brought 50 diners in on that very first night. They made an incredibly good offer and we will cover offers another time. When, I asked him later where these people came from, I was not surprised to hear him say that these were the locals from the tower blocks of apartments around them. The only reason they hadn’t been coming to dine was because they hadn't been invited. He’d not collected their details, he hadn’t given a great invitation and as soon as he did, they came in.

Therefore, if you want to make people come and dine at your restaurant, you have to make sure you make a list to use for making invitations. Once you have collected a list you’ll be sure to fill your restaurant with people, just as this owner did.

Take aways:

  • This is a strategy to invite people to dine in.
  • Make a list, collect a database.
  • Send them invites using the database and give them an offer that’s difficult to resist.