Let Colouring Contests Make You A Fortune!


Family Friendly Restaurant Marketing

If your restaurant is family friendly and you want to encourage families and kids to come in, a great restaurant marketing plan is to run a Kids Colouring Competition.

You can hand out bits of paper to kids with images that they can colour in and it keeps the kids occupied. Well you take this a step further, so on the bottom of that image, you ask for the parent’s name and address and the kid’s age. In return, promise them that every month some kids will win the competition and win a prize. Then what you can do is, you can send out to the parents via email or by physical mail. You can send out to say that their kids have won a prize and that they are invited back in the restaurant because their kids get to eat for FREE!
You can do this in a few ways:

1. You can do it and just announce one winner.
2. You could also break this down into age groups.
3. Acknowledge runners-up.

I have worked with restaurants that have done this certain restaurant marketing idea. You can also take it to a whole different level where you display the imagery on the walls or you can just basically email out and say: “Your child has won this prize and they get to eat for free!”

Now, since not every kid gets to win the contest, to avoid the remaining contestants details in vain, you may contact them and acknowledge their kid’s participation and offer them something in return. You could give them FREE ‘Mega Ice Cream’ or something else the next time they come to your restaurant.

Make sure that you put vouchers in those emails. You can create those vouchers really simply and send them out. In that way, people are more likely to print them out and bring them back in your restaurant and will make it profitable for you, as this type of marketing worked incredibly well in several restaurants.

Take aways:

  • This is a repeat business strategy.
  • Every drawing needs a data collection form for parents to fill in.
  • One winner or several age categories.
  • Runners-up prizes for all.
  • Email or mail out the prizes for everyone.
  • Conditions - MUST be accompanied by a parent who dines.