Make every New Customer a Repeat Customer

What are you doing to create repeat customer?

Turn New Customers Into Repeat Business

In Restaurant Marketing Plans, I often say that we are in a ‘REPEAT BUSINESS business’. That is because, you will not make a ton of money from a new customer but, if you turn them into a repeat customer and understand the lifetime customer value process, you will significantly increase customer share of wallet.

This marketing tip emphasises how important it is to turn a customer into repeat business. There are two ways I would suggest to achieve this; first, collect the database so you could market out to them and secondly, give them a WOW experience so they want to come back. They might go and say, “Wow! That was fantastic we must go there again.”

Other things that I must stress:

  • Treat people with vouchers like Kings and Queens – just like your normal customers.
  • You want that marketing strategy (Voucher) to work.
  • You want them to return so that you get full fare next visit.
  • In order to do this, you must collect a database.

If any of your staff have an attitude or if you have an attitude about people coming in with vouchers, that needs to change because you need a Repeat Business to gain more restaurant profits. You are in a ‘REPEAT BUSINESS business’ so, make sure that you turn those customers into repeat business.