Profitable Restaurants


Running a Profitable Restaurant is more than just having good food and good service. In fact, if that’s all you've got going for you, you are going to struggle. Because, in this country we have about 40,000 restaurants and places to eat and all of them would say they have ‘Good Food and Good Service’.

So, what else is going for you? Why do people dine with you as opposed to your competition? That is one of the things you have to find out and then promote. If you can’t think of anything that you have going for you other than the good food and service, a great place to start is by asking your clients and they will tell you why it is that they come to you, what they like and love about you.

As well as thinking about selling another plate of food or putting another bum in a seat at a table, think about other ways that you can make money from your restaurant and how to make your restaurant more than just about good food and service.

Here are some of the things you could develop:

  • Be part of the community - help schools, associations and groups to raise money.
  • You can sell retail produce; make your own produce.
  • Sell t-shirts, calendars, menus, etc from your restaurant.
  • Run cooking schools.

You can do lots and lots of different things to bring that money into your restaurant and make it more than just about good food and service. Many in your community will come to you for other reasons.

Profitable Restaurants are more than just good food and service; and they use many different marketing strategies to build their restaurant community.
Hopefully you find these tips useful and I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing your thoughts on our blog.
Take Aways:

  • The days when good enough was good enough are GONE!
  • When 40,000 others are competing for your clients what else is GREAT about you?
  • What else can you use your facilities for – “More than Food and Service!”