Promote New Menu Nights


Once you've gone through that whole process of getting the chef to come up with new dishes, sourcing the ingredients and writing out the menu items, don’t just stop there. Make sure that you promote it, people will be interested!

Send emails to your database, put it on your social media and also have it in your bill-fold: “A New Menu, Coming Next Week!” When you talk to people in the restaurant, tell them about the new Menus, get them excited about new dishes. They will be interested and it gives them a reason to come back and dine. So make sure you promote your new menus.

Take Aways:

  • This is a REPEAT BUSINESS strategy.
  • Promote the fact that you have a new menu to your database.
  • Mention it on your website.
  • Promote it on your social media.
  • Advertise that you have a new menu “coming soon” in your bill-fold.
  • People are interested – give them an excuse to come in.