Restaurant Marketing Prize Draws


Goldfish Bowl Draws are a simple and effective way to collect data for your database. People drop their business cards into the fish bowl, you draw a card out once a month or once a week and you give away a prize. It may seem to be old-hat in these days of digital marketing but these things work.

Here are a few things you've got to do to make sure they work:

  • Make sure your Goldfish Bowl is in a prominent position and give customers a really good reason to drop their business cards in.
  • Don't just offer a tiny prize or say you'll email them your specials. Give them a good reason to put their card in and make sure you do the draw.
  • Go out to everyone who has entered the draw, tell them this week's winner and encourage them to come in and enter the draw again.

You now have customers data and can contact them with other things that you do in your restaurant.

Take Aways:

  • This is a Repeat Business strategy.
  • Goldfish bowls still work to collect data.
  • Give them a great reason to enter your draw.
  • Draw it regularly and tell all entrants who has won.
  • Build a database from this.
  • Communicate with the database regularly.