SMS Last Minute Offers


Using SMS in your marketing?

You can use SMS to say ‘Thank You’ to someone for dining. You can use SMS to remind people that they have a booking. And, you can also use SMS for last minute marketing when it looks like it's going to be a quiet night.

I was working with a restaurant one afternoon when they said they had no bookings for that evening, and they also had 10 lobsters left. It was getting close to the opening time, so we decided to put an SMS offer together for the lobsters that night .… seconds after sending it out, people started to ring in and by the end of the night, the place was packed with customers. All from sending out a simple last-minute SMS.

Word of warning though: You cannot do this all the time because you will become a pest and people will not like it. Do it from time to time, with real intent, when you have a great offer. Peope who are already used to getting 'thank you' and 'reminder' SMS from you won’t mind getting an SMS every now and then from you with a great offer as well.

Take Aways:

  • This is a REPEAT BUSINESS strategy.
  • Use SMS to say thank you or remind people of their booking.
  • Use it SPARINGLY to send GREAT offers.
  • Do not become an SMS pest.
  • Do not spam people with SMS marketing.
  • Use My Guestlist as your SMS platform, it allows people to respond or unsubscribe.