Start a Wine Club


If you are doing Wine Nights, start to segment your database for those people who come to wine events and create your own ‘Wine Club’.

When people are dining in your restaurant, tell them about your wine club and ask them to join. As a member, they would get advance notice of the wine events, get discounts, etc.

You can then market directly to that segment and invite them to invite their friends along. Maybe give a little discount. In that way, you can grow your database. “Birds of a feather flock together” - their friends are probably just like them; they want to come to the wine nights, come into the restaurant, they probably would want to buy wines at those events. You could also make a commission out of sales if that's how you've set it up with the winery.

Starting a wine club is basically just creating a segment of your database; start to run wine events regularly and invite the 'wine club' each time you run one.

Take Aways:

  • This is a REPEAT BUSINESS strategy.
  • Once you have wine dinners, offer the attendees the opportunity to join your wine club.
  • Offer them advance notice of wine nights, discounts off wine bought at wine club nights, etc.
  • Give people sign up forms in the restaurants.
  • Market the fact that you have a wine club (with all the benefits) to your database.