Tie in with Good Food Events


Good Food Events

One of the things that happens every year in Australia, is we have the “Good Food Month”. Certainly in Sydney and in Melbourne and you probably have them all over the country. This is when the newspapers get behind a month of celebrating food in your city or suburbs.

The thing to do if you are not invited in, if you're not one of the 'golden child' that gets invited into these events is, you can always piggyback on this and do your own "Good Food Week" or "Good Food Month" or your own lunch events or dinner events. All you have to do is market out to your database and piggyback on the noise that they're making and let your people know on your database, that you're doing special things for them as well.

Some of them will even believe it's part of the bigger "Good Food Month". Now you never want to say that because they probably own the brand of it. You just want to piggyback on the noise being made and make sure people come to you, instead of going elsewhere in good food month.

Take aways:

  • This is a new business and REPEAT business strategy.
  • Piggyback your message on the noise that the media makes.
  • Design your own special events or menus.
  • Market to your list.
  • Put up posters in your venue.