VIP Members Only Events


Once you're collecting a database, you can start communicating with it. Talk to the people on your database as VIP Members and then run events where they are invited solely because they are a VIP Member.

That exclusivity makes people want to be 'in'. Give your 'VIP Members only' events a theme, create reasons for them to return and dine again. There are many such reasons - food and wine matching, celebrity guest, another chef in the community cooking at your place etc etc.

As VIP Members, the people on your list get to hear about events before the general public, they want to come along and really value being on your list. They want to hear from you which is good for opening rates, redemptions and profitability.

So, communicate with your database like they are VIPs; put on VIP only events and invite them to come along.

Take Aways:

  • This is a REPEAT BUSINESS strategy.
  • Build your database and market to it.
  • Tell people they are “Members” and “VIPs” because they are on your list.
  • Run VIP member’s nights – have a theme or reason for them to come.
  • This can increase spend on those special nights.