Wine Dinners with Wineries


Have you ever thought about running a wine event with a winery rather than a wine supplier?

Some of the wineries are going through tough times right now so, why not get on the phone, ring the local wineries and see if they want to get involved with you and run wine nights? If they have their own database too, they can invite their customers to come to your restaurant. So, don’t forget to contact the wineries as well as the wine suppliers when you are going to do “Wine Nights”.
Take Aways:
This is a NEW BUSINESS strategy.

  • They are struggling so should welcome the offer of a JV.
  • Offer them the opportunity to demonstrate their wines to your clients.
  • Ask if they have a database and will market the event to it.
  • Market the event to your own list.
  • You will get rejected but just move onto the next one.