Are you using ALL four ways to grow your business?


Use All 4 Ways to Grow Your Business

It's really important to use ALL 4 ways to grow your business. Most restaurants that I come across are just looking for new business. They advertise in newspapers and maybe on the radio, they have a website, Facebook etc - all designed to attract new business.

And if this is all your doing then you are missing out on three other streams of revenue coming into your restaurant.

Number two of course is repeat business. I talk about that a lot.

The third way is to increase dollar spend, for example put on events, wine dinners, cooking classes, lots of different ways that people will want to spend more money inside your business.

And the fourth way is to increase your prices. There are lots of ways to do this without getting resistance from your clients.

So use all four ways to grow your business, not just one.

Restaurant Coach: Howard Tinker
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